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Friendship Fire Co. Station 25
Station 25 History & Facts

Friendship Fire Company

On the evening of October 11, 1951, thirty-six concerned citizens of the South Hills area of South Lebanon Township, met in the garage of Adam Smith, and decided there was a need for a new fire company in the northwest quadrant of the township. That night the new infant fire company was christened the "Friendship Fire Company". From the seed that was planted there, arose a volunteer organization that has grown to approximately 8,200 social members.
The Friendship Fire Company currently has three [3] pieces of firefighting equipment. They consist of a Pumper [Engine 25], a tanker [Tanker 25], and a Rescue Truck [Rescue25]. All of the vehicles are manned 24 hours a day by well trained volunteer firefighting personnel.
Fire protection was the primary intent in forming the fire company, but in 1956 a new dimension was added to the young fire company. A comprehensive sports program was started for the youth in the area. The young athletes were then able to participate in competitive football, basketball, and baseball. The program was still going strong in 1990 nearly 35 years later.
The success of the "Friendship" has been largely due to an abundance of volunteers who have donated their talents and time in order to make the fire company a viable organization. The heart and soul of the "Friendship" is the fire crew, the Ladies Auxiliary, the members and the Board of Directors.

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