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Hebron Fire Co. Station 26
Station 26 History & Facts

Hebron Hose Co. #1

The Hebron Hose Company is the oldest volunteer fire company in South Lebanon Township, originally chartered on May 28, 1905 at the corner of South Fifth Avenue and Moravian Street.
The company's equipment was a hand drawn hose cart, which is presently housed at the Lebanon County Historical Society which was donated by the company>
The Hebron Hose Company is now situated at 701 East Walnut St. [rte.422 east], and is equipped with 3 pieces of equipment, consisting of a 1984 Pierce 1,000 gpm Pumper, a 1982 Mack Baker 75' Aerialscope, and a 1977 GMC Squad truck. The Company has around 150 members.

1998 Officers
President.......Russel Shaak
V-President.....William Wetzel
Treasurer.......Dorothy Trainor
Secretary.......Patricia Wetzel
Fin. Secretary..Edward Eisenhour
Fire Chief......Thomas Camasta
Deputy Chief....William Wetzel
Asst. Chief.....Michael Miller
Captain.........Edward Eisenhour
Equipment & Statistics

1984 Pierce 1,000 gpm Pumper, 1,400' double-lay 3", 2- 1 3/4" 150' preconnects, 2- 1 1/2" 150' preconnects, 1-150' 2 1/2", 1-200'of 2 1/2" , and 150' of booster

1982 Mack Baker 75' Aerialscope

1977 GMC Squad carrying the basic Accident & Medical equipment

Miscellaneous Information

The "Hebron Fire Co." was organized on April 5,1905. More history of the company to follow

Dennis Trainor has just retired this year as Chief of the "Hebron Hose Co." after 20 years as being Chief!

All I can say is that this man must be insane for being "Chief" that long! Congratulations Denny!!!
for a job well done!!

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